This website is about.... 

resources for families including parents, guardians, grandparents and more. This website hope to help you navigate your familyhood raising children. The child/ren can be Deaf, HoH or CODA (hearing). We will be sharing many different resources for you as a family member and  to be able to support your children. 

Who am I? 

I am a Deaf mother of two young CODAs. My CODAs were the first hearing members in my family. I am the 3rd generation Deaf family. We don't have much experience with hearing members. My journey has started with many questions. I am lucky to be part of the generation of social media. There are many deaf mother/families groups that I can reach for advice. The experience brought me many memories of my godson and his mother's journey as a Deaf mother ten years before I started my motherhood journey. I remember how much she had asked, and I am currently asking for information. I recognize the lack of resources for Deaf families. There are plenty, but not easily accessible for Deaf families especially with CODA children. I am inspired to develop this website and, hopefully, a resource center for Deaf families in the future. 

I grew up wanting to be a teacher, and after I graduated high school, I went to Gallaudet. I continue to pursue my dream of being a teacher by studying Family and Child Studies and took some Elementary education classes. I took a break after graduating with a Bachelor's degree. I worked as a cottage counselor with elementary-aged boys at a Deaf school. I fell in love with the job and ended up working there for ten years. With that journey, I saw so many children struggle with academics due to language deprivation. This was another inspiration for me wanting to focus on support families before their children starting school. 

Everything was paused when I started my own family. I become a stay-at-home single mom with a part-time job. I enjoyed and cherished each moment I had with my two kids. As time passed, kids start their schooling. I feel ready to start school too. I have returned to Gallaudet to study Master in Deaf Education: Early Childhood Education and completed it in August 2021. I worked as a peer group leader teaching Social Emotional Learning at several deaf programs in my area and a Deaf coach working with families with deaf babies. During that time, I rolled my sleeve and starting my dream by developing this resource website for you, the Deaf families. 

I am currently work as a Deaf and Hard of Hearing specialist at Alta California Regional Center who serves developmental disabilities population including Deafplus. My top focus is to maximizing communication access and services for Deafplus who continued to experience lack of access. I worked with families, providers, social workers and many different people who work directly with the Deafplus clients. Those continues to inspire me to make difference and make world a better place for DHH children and people.