Resources for Hearing Families

This page provides more resources for hearing parents with deaf children who want to know more. I want to share different pieces of information and hope that some will also inspire you to raise a Deaf child. Also, some more thoughts, understanding of the Deaf community, and understand your Deaf child. 

Through the Eyes of Deaf Children

Watch the video as you will be see what Deaf children see. Their life are just like yours when you was young. What additional do you see in the video? They are capable of communicating by using American Sign Language. They have full access to what they want to learn and beyond through sign language. 

Message from Nyle DiMarco Foundation

Message for Hearing Parents who just had Deaf baby. You will be raising a beautiful Deaf baby. 

Dear Hearing People

A video with messages from Deaf children and adults with their thoughts. Please listen with open heart. 

Meet Jane, a Deaf girl

The video show what Jane can be without language access and what SB 210 has changed for her. And with sign language and Deaf coach, it made different. 


"The movement was started to support hearing families with deaf children. Often, families feel alone. They often wonder whether they are the only ones signing and whether there are other families who are also signing. Families wonder where Deaf communities are. They are often curious about deaf adults’ experiences, whether they grew up with signing or started signing later. They also wonder whether the outside communities are also supportive of signing. I would then reassure them, but how do I connect families to each other and the communities?"

You can find many videos using the hashtag #whyisign. There is also facebook and instagram account - whyisign.

Inspirational Videos

YouTube Channels/Videos

Jade Films - films that are made by a Black Deaf woman

Seek The World - Deaf guy who took an adventure around the world and meet/collect different stories of Deaf people all around the world

D-PAN Artist Feature Interviews - Interviews with different Deaf artists

RiRi Show - Talk show with Black Deaf woman with variety of topics

No Barriers with Joel Barrier - Deaf guy who also took adventure around the world and show what Deaf people can do around the world

Learn the unique stories of Deaf people from all over the nation, in various occupations and lifestyles

Melmira - a show with variety of topics by a Mexican Deaf woman

Deafinitely Wanderlust - a Deaf couple (Asian Deaf man and White Deaf woman who travel the world and share Deaf people stories from around the world

Myths or Questions about Deaf