Children with Hearing Ability

Advice from CODA

Awti is a CODA guy who is discussing about "should Deaf parents use voice with hearing children?" He also mentioned that many Deaf parents of older CODA children approached him with asking to continue share the advice. Check what the advice he is giving. Use or not isn't wrong. Just sharing the advice to bring some thinking for your family.

Advice from My Children Pediatrician

When I had my CODA daughter in 2014, I am lucky to meet an amazing pediatrician who respect me as a Deaf mother. She asked me how I can support my child who have hearing ability. She asked if I have anyone in the house who can speak. I told her I don't and we will be using sign language which is a language. She agreed! (Many doctors don't agree in bi/multilingual) The advice she gave me was having volume on television and use music when I get opportunity. As much exposures as possible so the child can develop both American Sign Language and English. As a Deaf person, I didn't think about those yet. My second came and I continue to give exposures. My kids didn't show any delay as I thought they might from many CODA stories. Please do keep eye for any kind of delay, the early support you give is the best. It is important to continue support our CODA for the success as bi/multilingual.

I will be sharing favorites from my CODA children.

Those are songs, educations and more that I want to share for young CODA or Hard of Hearing children. Check their channels or search engine for more videos. Some of those are television series. Your child might enjoy this as much as my children did. The Wiggles and CoComelon does have some sign language. The Wiggles is made in Australia and their sign language is British Sign Language (love the dialogue about different sign languages with my children).

With the songs, I strongly recommend to participate with your child and use sign language. So the child can pick on both language and having fun. That will also boost their language acquisition.