VL2 Storybook Apps

VL2 Storybook Apps

VL2 Storybook Apps are ASL/English bilingual and interactive stories, designed based on research in bilingualism and language acquisition for young visual readers.

Why are they doing this?

Their way is to provide exciting and captivating stories in both American Sign Language (ASL) and English. Children can watch the story in ASL or start reading it in English. At any point throughout the story in English, children can tap the screen to watch that part of the story in ASL. Children can also touch specific English words to see them fingerspelled as well as being signed in ASL.

Several major research studies on bilingualism and visual learning show that learning two languages leads to greater literacy skills in both languages, and the younger, the better. Young visual learners, deaf and hearing, do benefit tremendously from continued exposure to ASL and written English.

We love stories. And we love sharing great stories—especially now that we have this new form of visual storytelling in ASL and English!

Check this website https://vl2storybookapps.com/research for more information and storybook apps.

Many of young children in my family love those apps. They asked to watch again and again when they were toddlers. Preschool/kindergarten age, I took them further with watching the story by discussion vocabulary words and more. The storybook apps take the children beyond the storytelling and support their language acquisition. Those apps are fun and taking the children beyond the learning with the story and art.